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Comprehensive automotive services

R.B. Automotive Technicians Pty Ltd's team of car care professionals in Richmond are passionate when it comes to perfectly tuned and repaired engines. We pride ourselves on calling a job 'finished' only when the car is running at maximum efficiency. This dedication to detail means that all our mechanical repairs come guaranteed and are highly polished from top to bottom.

A mechanic checking an engine

Efficient services

Our team of mechanics will have you back on the road in no time. Our refined, efficient processes mean that all of our steps are streamlined. The result is quick diagnosis, rapid repairs, and lower labour costs.

A mechanical repairs specialist at work in Richmond

Professional team

R.B. Automotive Technicians Pty Ltd's reputation as an industry leading provider of engine repairs and other repair services is due to our professional mechanics. Our mechanical repairs team is the best in the business and is determined to maintain this status. Discover our dedication to premium service at our Richmond garage. 

An automotive technician holding a spanner

Clear communication

At R.B. Automotive Technicians Pty Ltd, we understand that automotive mechanical repairs can be confusing. We cut through the jargon and explain your car's issues in plain English. We also provide all possible options so that you're fully informed as to the paths you can choose from. Call us in Richmond today to find out more about any of our automotive services.